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About Founder (Nanase Kusano)





国際基督教大学国際関係学科卒業。学生時代に宅配ミュージカル劇団虹を創設。地域の幼稚園、老人施設、海外ではタイ、インドネシアなどを巡演する。卒論のテーマは「国際平和のための演劇」。United Performer's Studioで奈良橋陽子氏に師事、演技の基礎を学ぶ。TBSにて子ども英語番組「CatChatえいごでFRIENDS DX」のディレクターをつとめる。2009年に結婚しワシントンDCへ。2011年に帰国し長女を出産。2012年9月に夫の転勤で9か月の娘と共にニューヨークへ。長女が1歳になったのを機に現地で劇団バナナを立ち上げ、以後劇団バナナの全七作品の脚本、演出を手がける。2015年、HB Studioにて脚本を学ぶ。2016年4月に帰国。現在、新聞記者の夫、11歳の長女、8歳の次女、4歳の三女と東京都調布市で暮らす。現在は日本脚本家連盟のスクールで映画やドラマの脚本を勉強中。休日は地域活動、劇団バナナの公演活動を精力的に行う。夢は子育てしながら、演劇しながら、旅をする。性格は楽観的で柔軟。動物に例えると、クラゲたまにイノシシ。



Nanase Kusano 



Nanase received her B.A degree on international relations from International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. She studied Method Acting under Yoko Narahashi at The United Performer’s Studio. In 2001, she founded Theater Group NIJI and started showing her original musicals for children. The works include: Disappeared Santa Claus (Schools in Niigata Prefecture for victims of earthquake), Rainbow Dreams (Taizanso Garden, Sumida Hikifune Cultural Center, Universities in Thailand), Travel of Price Shino (Roppongi Tree Cafe, kindergartens and the elderly homes in Mitaka city), and Rainbow Voyage (schools in Indonesia for the Tsunami victims of 2004, schools in Philippines). In addition to working in theater, she has directed an English educational television program for children; CatChat Eigo de Friends (Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.). She has also produced and directed documentary films; Over The Rainbow won a prize in the Tokyo Video Festival, and Traces of A City was also awarded a prize in Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima and was officially selected in LA International Children festival (2009) and San Francisco International Film Festival (2010). She arrived in NYC followed by her husband's assignment in 2012. When her baby daughter Sakura turned one  year old in July 2012, she founded Theater Banana to provide a new sort of entertainment for babies and toddlers. 













「虹のかなた」ビクター主催東京ビデオフェスティバル佳作 2007

「traces of A city」ダマー映画祭上映作品 2008



BS-i「CatChatえいごでFRIENDS DX」2005-2009



Nanase's work 1

Nanase's work 2

Nanase's work 3






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